Sunday, 9 August 2009

Walking the labyrinth

I walked the grass labyrinth which has been cut into the lawn in Crêt Bérard this morning - it was rather lovely with mist rising over the alps and Swiss cows grazing nearby. There is something wonderfully reassuring and calming about the sound of cow bells. Everything was green and watered by the huge thunderstorm we had on Friday night. The particular labyrinth they have cut into the grass is based on one at Sens in France (that name makes me smile as "sens" is not just a place name but also has the sense of "meaning").

The Crêt Bérard labyrinth is set out in front of a lovely old oak tree. It's discreet and you can miss it if you don't know it's there. It was wonderful to lose myself in its meandres and turns, thinking for a moment that I was getting to the centre just after starting, then being surprised once I truly reached the centre that it still took a long time to get back out again. It was a very gentle 20 minutes - plein de sens!

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shallowfrozenwater said...

i love labyrynths and was very interested in this. very cool.