Saturday, 8 August 2009

Random thoughts on Mark 5.34

I am interrpeting this weekend for a group of pastors and church related community workers at the wonderful Crêt Bérard centre on the hilly above Lake Geneva just outside Lausanne.

Ginny Klein from the USA tries to encourage people to think about how the unconscious judgemental and perfect child in each of us can get in the way when we're are in counselling relationships with people, and more particularly in daily life! Learning to leave off beating yourself up for not being perfect.
So in this context what does your translation of the second part of Mark 5.34 say? Is it a plague, a scourge, an affliction, illness or perhaps even a whip that best translates the Greek mastigos, mastix?
One of the group leaders today came up with a fairly free translation into French "Go in peace and don't take your whip with you."
I love these little bits of translation things that come up, I know though that they will stick in my brain somewhere. A bit like crumbs of html code!