Sunday, 16 August 2009

Memes, diaries, politics and thinking about the past

As you may have gathered from the rather perfunctory posting here life has rather taken over from blogging. My mother and her partner Martin are visiting us (we are all still at the getting to know you and being very polite stage), Dr B is trying to finish revising the German translation of his doctorate before the end of the month and life at work is no less busy than usual.
Today I finally got around to digging out my GDR diary from the cupboard and spent some time reading what I wrote 20 years ago. It was rather a surprising read, much more personal than I remembered. My comment to Dr B was that the diary seems to mainly be about alcohol, sex and politics, "Oh don't worry" he said "you can always edit it ... and get rid of all the politics". It is quite a shock to discover that I obviously was once young. Meanwhile I do sometimes think that my life has had all the politics edited out of it, I miss being active in a meaningful political way.
Then finally getting back to reading my favourite blogs I discovered that I was tagged on a meme by David Ker a week ago already. Bizarrely the passage he wants his blogosphere friends to share their thoughts about also figures in the background to one of the more lurid passages of my diary. I think that the only time I have heard the passage of the children being mauled by bears in 2 Kings 2:23-24 preached on was in East Berlin a month after the wall came down. David, in my bad girl way I will try and get to your bad boy Bible study sometime this week.
In my rather bad girl diary from 20 years ago, as well as encountering my wild younger self in a form I would rather not remember it was interesting to read musings and rants on prayer, ecology, life, the church and liturgy very similar to what I write here. With a bit of judicious editing to protect individuals I'll try and start posting it in real time from October 4th when I began to write it.


David Ker said...

Diaries are embarrassing and irresistible. :)

Glad you noticed the meme and look forward to your take.

Lac19 said...

it promises to be an interesting reading...