Sunday, 2 September 2007

Basel, Graz, Sibiu ... an ecumenical pilgrimage

This is the third European Ecumenical Assembly - hence EEA3.
It all began in 1989 in Basel. At that event participants went on a walk of witness for peace through three countries - France Germany and Switzerland. Just six months later the Berlin wall came down and post second world war Europe changed again.
EEA2 took place in Graz in 1997 with the theme of reconciliation.
And now here we are in Sibiu - stating that the light of Christ shines on all.

The train we caught in Zurich to get to Sibiu had come from Basel. Although we travelled the whole length of Austria we didn't go quite as far south as Graz, but on the last stretch to Sibiu a young Catholic student from Graz joined us. He'd been studying Orthodox theology for a year in Sibiu and had come back especially for this event. His sort of enthusiasm is just what's needed for the ecumenical pilgrimage to go forwards.