Monday, 3 September 2007

Notes from a philosophical press room?

Today was our set up day in the press room. Last night we were particularly impressed by the imposing bust of a scholarly gentleman whose wrtings are also displayed on the wall of our press centre. One of my colleagues described him as a writer and philosopher. His name is Nicholas Olahus and he certainly had a fascinating life, writing treatises in Dutch, spending time in the Netherlands prior to becoming an Archbishop. He also seems to have been a keen proponent of the Counter Reformation. Not sure that I shall find his white marble gaze quite so benevolent in the morning now I know that!
Life in the press room today has really been about trying to live in hope and pull a semblance of order from something that may seem like chaos, but which we know will in the end become an ecumenical assembly. One of the highpoints was the arrival of the pigeonholes - freshly made for our 300 journalists. Now I just hope we will have some papers to put into them! Our photocopier hasn't yet arrived. But it does look like we will have have badges tomorrow for all of the journalists who need to sort out their accreditation. Phew!
Late this afternoon our nine wonderful stewards arrived, many of them with very impressive spreads of languages, with them they brought copies of the assembly handbook hot off the presses. I think the best way to talk about this is to say that an assembly on split sites brings it's own challenges and advantages! We live in hope that it will not be pouring with rain just as we need to carry paper documents from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology to the press room.
And do visit the Sibiu stewards blog. None of these ecumenical and church gatherings could take place without the enthusiasm and sheer hard work of young volunteers like them.