Sunday, 9 September 2007

The homeward journey

Well the EEA3 press room is no longer. Our IT colleagues have dismantled the 40 odd computers and the wifi, and the rest of us have thrown out yet more paper for recycling tidied up and said our goodbyes. And we're still not sure whether the versions of the final message on the website are really final in all of the languages. Ah well at least we managed to keep the computers online for journalists trying to work to a Sunday evening deadline.
This afternoon two much smaller meetings begin between communicators from churches and church organisations, one group from CEC member churches and the other from CCEE. In the spirit of the assembly we'll be meeting in joint session tomorrow morning, an interesting programme has been prepared and it will be great to actually listen, think and discuss rather than be a service provider!
And tomorrow evening begins the homeward journey, 27 whole hours without an internet connection, so there will be fewer posts for a while, but I'll be trying to write a little more about the assembly itself before I leaveand a post from a guest blogger is also in preparation.