Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The first press conference

This afternoon was the first press conference and it was like an object lesson in the fact that English does not (always) rule the world. Proof also that sometimes international meetings forget the hosts - today there was no Romanian interpreter, but tomorrow there will be. It also convinced me once more that language and communication issues very often need to need to go hand in hand.
Anyway, the interpreters did a great job in very difficult circumstances, even translating someone who asked a question in a language Luca described as Italañol!
Jean-Arnold de Clermont (speaking in French) said that it was his hope that the assembly would have something powerful to say about the scandalous way many migrants and migrant workers were treated across Europe.
Aldo Giordano said that people hadn't come to Sibiu to discuss the intricacies of Vatican documents but to experience and celebrate grassroots ecumenism which was much more important. This time Christians were able to share together was truly a time of grace.
Colin Williams said that he hoped that the assembly would help give Christians renewed confidence about their faith and and give a fresh impetus to ecumenism.