Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A great group of stewards

One of the amazing privileges of attending assemblies like this is working with committed young people - I supose the older I get the more I realise what a privilege this is. We have a great group of 9 stewards working with us. Today they've been doing really essential work of carrying books and bags, welcoming and accrediting journalists, getting signage in the press room sorted out, buying water and chocolate for us all, helping the press liaison officers with identifying photos and posting them, helping journalists with finding their way around the Swiss keyboards and offering us IT support. to my shame I've still not learnt all their names but I will try to post some photos of them on the blog over the next few days.
They are also a linguistically very talented and diverse group and manage to communicate and get on wihtone another despite not haveing one common language - a true sign of the triumph of Pentecost over Babel!