Monday, 3 September 2007

Calligraphy, Calvin and the sublime

On the evening before we left Ferney Voltaire we went out for a beer with John and Tom Cochrane. When Tom's older brother Jonathan was 7 I taught him in Sunday School back in Redditch. Now Jonathan is the artistic director of the palace theatre and Tom has just moved to Ferney Voltaire because he will be doing research into the sublime at one of the institutes linked to the university in Geneva. I'm not sure I quite understood the philosophical importance of researching the sublime. Well I was very tired and rather stressed that evening, but I love the idea of an institute looking into the sublime.
Meanwhile I've just received a fascinating proposal from Edouard Dommen about doing some calligraphy of aphorisms by Calvin for a small book to come out in 2009. I'm fairly sure that I'm not at all a good enough calligrapher to do this, my wonderful teacher Sophie Verbeek would be but she may be tied up at the moment. Anyway even thinking about a creative project is a good way to relax on the eve of a busy day in the Sibiu press room. Not quite sure what Calvin thought of the sublime - is there a chapter on that in the institutes?