Saturday, 8 September 2007

Eva-Liisa's blog

Pink is the colour...

Working for first time as a steward in CCEE/CEC meeting. What to expect?
a word "chaos" has been said and heard several times in the press centre.
Working here has developed some creativity even though not all our tasks are creative in the essence :) the ones who`ve been there know :)
Question: how to divide 30 full boxes of copies paper by paper among 300 journalists in the most efficient, funny, quick, energy-saving etc way?
Answer: just start from number 1 up to number 300 and continue doing so until all the boxes are empty. Well, almost empty. it may turn out that copy-guys have been really enjoying their work as well and made some extra;)
Do not think much while dividing the papers, it may be confusing and in the end you will find yourself in the puzzle of some existential questions. Singing is allowed though!
It has been great pleasure to work for the press centre. honestly.
we had wonderful team and even more wonderful Jane. Thank you for everything :)