Thursday, 6 September 2007

What we talk about in the press room

All sorts of conversations take place in the in the press room service area. Much that is desultory of course - chocolate and coffee - identifying VIPs attending the assembly on people's photo galleries. At various points there is also rather a surreal soundtrack from Giorgio's computer - music from West Side Story, Roman Holiday and the Merry Widow - takes me back to my childhood and musical theatre!
We do also talk a bit about our churches and today we ended up talking about Reformed theology and how things, objects and buildings are, in theory at least, not "sacred" for the Reformed. So for instance in the French Reformed Church you don't bless the wedding rings at a marriage service but you do pronounce a blessing over the couple who are getting married. So now I shall have to consult some online dictionaries about the difference between things that are sacred and things that are consecrated.
Anyway I digress, Natalka, one of our stewards, is also on the EEA3 message committee and she has been writing about her feelings and about human rights in Belarus and Russia and wondering why it's not more in evidence in discussions at the assembly. There are some really good posts on the youth delegates EEA3 blog so do support them with your comments and keep the discussion going.