Saturday, 8 September 2007

Grace's blog

Hi, my name is Grace Muraa, I`m 19 and I worked as a steward at the press center. I come from Germany and I was very happy to have the possibility to come to Romania and serve as a steward. The work at the press center was never boring at all, since there was always a challenge and something new to do, whether it was the work at the Tent during the Plenaries or at the press center. This gave me the chance to enlarge and widen my knowledge, not only about how stressful a job at the Press can be but also about the way people learn to interact and work together, though not really knowing each other. And since I am planning to soon start my journalism studies, this was the best decision I could have taken.
Generally the work as a steward has taught me how to cope with other people, whether you share the same views and interests or you absolutely don`t understand each other. I also have learnt lots of different things about the different cultures of the many people from the different parts of Europe. And basically, the best experience I have made is that we, all stewards, are the more or less the same. We might have different views, but we laughed together, prayed together and had fun together. It was a very good experience and I`m very happy to have made this experience in my age and I`m sure that this experience, as a steward and as a worker at the press center, will serve me positively for my future.