Saturday, 31 January 2009

Adding John Updike to the reading list

Ben Myers has written a good appreciation of John Updike and his work over on Faith and Theology. Myers highlights the theological themes in Updike's work, his appreciation of Barth and how his poetry shows great theological acuity. As usual the comments after the post also make for great reading.
I remember reading Roger's Version in Berlin while waiting for my visa to get into East Germany (to go and study at a church seminary there) and discussing it with a friend also training for the ministry who was reading the German translation.
Meanwhile Kim Fabricius cites this description of what seminaries are like in the comments:
"believing souls are trucked in like muddy, fragrant cabbages from the rural hinterland and in three years of fine distinctions and exegetical quibbling we have chopped them into cole slaw salable at any suburban supermarket. We take in saints and send out ministers, workers in the vineyard of inevitable anxiety and discontent. The death of Christianity has been long foreseen but there will always be churches to serve as storehouses for the perennial harvest of human unhappiness."
Anyway reading about Updike over recent days has convinced me that I must try to make more time for serious reading - and not just for detective fiction.


SarahH said...

Detective fiction can be serious reading! So can science fiction, my other great timewaster. But I suppose I should try Updike again.

Jane said...

I have to say that detective fiction is my favourite - have you read any Fred Bargas - and I have my problems with Updike - I do sometimes wonder whether it's just men enjoying men's fiction and claiming it's truly great but maybe I'm just a biased feminist!

SarahH said...

Don't as yet know Fred Bargas, but love Laurie King - do you know her spoof Holmes series when he has a feminist partner of equal intellect and slightly more common sense?