Monday, 19 January 2009

The World Forum on Theology and Liberation

Fifteen hours after I arrived back from the UK Dr B flew to Brazil, to Belem to attend and report from the World Forum on Theology and Liberation which precedes the World Social forum which will also meet at the end of this month in Belem.

The 3rd WFTL will be a meeting for a theology of the sustainability of life on Earth. It will have to make a theological reflection and discourse on the basis of a very concrete and organic meaning of life, since the analysis of the social and political reality in the Amazonian context promotes a direct relationship with the earth, water and biodiversity and reveals the limits and alternatives of the relation of human beings with their immediate environment.

The programme kicks off on Wednesday with a lecture by Leonardo Boff concentrating on rituals of water. Speakers later in the week include Steve de Gruchy, Chung Hyun Kyung and Mercy Odoyuye and the site is available in four languages so check it out.

A space of encounter for a theological reflection about alternatives and possibilities for the world, with the purpose of contributing to the construction of a worldwide network of contextual theologies guided by perspectives of liberation. In an ecumenical spirit, it welcomes and promotes the expression of ecological spiritualities, encouraging a deeper understanding of global socioeconomic problems in the light of the resources of theology and vice-versa. It is a space that favors the dialogue between differences of gender, religion, ethnicity, culture, generation and physical capability, fostering a theology whose discourse contributes to inform transforming practices in society, in order to promote the formation of citizens who are active in the building of a new world of solidarity.