Thursday, 29 January 2009

Breaking news - I'm gender neutral!

Silhouette of a womanWe guess is written by a woman (50%), however it's quite gender neutral.

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Well thanks to the irrepressible David Ker I now know that the Stranzblog is apparently gender neutral - according to the remit of this scientific test. Not sure what this makes me but I do wonder about the word "quite" - is 0% "very" gender neutral if 50% is "quite"? Yes you've guessed, I never did study statistics - je n'y comprends rien.
Anyway this stuff at least gives we bloggers something to write about in our aimless way. Let me know what your blog comes out as. The women in ministries blog comes out at 61% female according to the test - only 1% more than the wonderful Kurk Gayle.
What's actually interesting of course is that some men are a little offended to be thought of as women by this data driven device. Whereas of course being gender neutral is an accolade for a woman perhaps!


J. K. Gayle said...

This kind of classifier is very interesting indeed. Like Aristotle's classifying logic, it seems very precise and objective and automated - able to replicate the same results without fail. However, there's the unconfessed, unwitting subjective stuff to it. (After all, this particular classifier is invented by three males - Jon Kågström, Emil Kågström, and Roger Karlsson - but no women.) Thank you for calling me "wonderful." You flatter me, and that's such a compliment coming from you! It's the voices of women (and men) at my blogs that may make them sound feminine to Jon's, Emil's, & Roger's machine. I'm proud that you are able to sound so neutral, that Suzanne is able to come across as 68% like a man, and that your women in ministries blog is a somehow significant 1% more! (BTW, the wombmansbible blog is 55% female according to the man machine.) I just wonder if three of you women had decided to make a guesser of a blogger's gender, how different that would be!? It might make us reflect, with Anne Carson, on what Aristotle wished was the gender of sound.

Annie said...

"We guess is written by a woman (55%), however it's quite gender neutral."

Meanwhile, my mother's (I only tried one of hers) is 53% feminine, and George, bless her, writes 51% like a man…

teehee, what nonsensical fun.

Jane said...

Glad you enjoyed this Annie. It is a bit of idle fun to some extent. I think that JK is right though that writing and "voice" can be deemed to be gendered.
Do women speak, preach, teach differently? Differently from what - a perceived "norm" set down by ... men?
So what is neutral, what is male, what is female? and would tests like this be drawn up by women?

Jane said...

And thanks JK for the link to Anne CArson I must go back to read that again - quite fascinating

SarahH said...

I'm a bit disconcerted to discover that my blog is 75% likely to be written by a woman - I thought I was more gender-neutral than that! Odd to be almost affronted by something that's true...