Thursday, 1 January 2009

Imagine a world ... the future is now

From: Imagine a world by Kim Fabricius

Imagine a world where our leaders aren't liars,
distorting reporting and spinning the news;
where all whistle-blowers and brave Jeremiahs
are lauded, applauded, and never abused.

Imagine a world where the market aren't idols,
bowed down to and worshipped in envy and greed;
where wealth is released and the bankers are bridled,
the poor have a plot and the famished a feed.

Imagine a world as the Lord has intended,
where goodness and justice and beauty preside;
a world we have broken that might yet be mended:
the future is now, it is ours to decide.

From Propositions on Christian theology A Pilgrim Walks the Plank by Kim Fabricius.
Each set of propositions is preceded by a poem. It's a wonderful book.