Monday, 19 January 2009

Call for day of prayer and fasting for Zimbabwe

The All African Conference of Churches has called for a day of prayer and fasting for Zimbabwe.
ENI reports today that:

"The present rule must be considered as illegitimate as it was an incomplete reflection of the will of the Zimbabwean people, given that the presidential run-off election in June 2008 was not free and fair and was marred by intimidation and political violence " said the AACC's new general secretary, the Rev. André Karamaga, in a statement on 15 January.

Karamaga said that presidential elections run-off in June 2008 were marred by intimidation and political violence, while he noted that the Zimbabwean people had continuously been denied long desired peace, justice and socio-economic health .

"We call on all our member churches, councils, fellowships and institutions; all friends in the worldwide ecumenical family; all our international partners and all people of good will to make January 25 an African Day of Prayer and Fasting for Zimbabwe," said the church leader.

AACC members had met in early December in Maputo, Mozambique, and acknowledged then that they themselves had been slow to respond to the crisis in Zimbabwe. The members also asserted their desire to work with the people of the country towards peace, justice and reconciliation. They also committed to pray for an end to illegitimate rule, while taking action through measures appropriate in their national contexts.

"The call is to join our Zimbabwean sisters and brothers in prayer and in fasting, in words and in deeds, in contemplation and in action,” said Karamaga, a Presbyterian theologian from Rwanda.

Around the world local churches are being encouraged to take part in the day, this is from the United Reformed Church site:

God of power and truth,
May your peace rest with the restless of Zimbabwe
May your love inspire the hearts of all those who long and work for justice
May your healing touch the wounds of those suffering and bereaved
May your truth be spoken in dangerous places
May we not be idle in working, praying, longing and searching for your Kingdom in this broken world.

In the meantime the Geneva Zimbawe Advocacy blog is carrying reports from Amnesty International and CIVICUS on the siutation in Zimbabwe.