Thursday, 8 January 2009

Does Gaza consign faith to the dustbin of history?

John Marsh, who lives in my home town of Redditch, and is moderator to the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church at the moment ends a message on the situation in Gaza with these words:

It is scandalous that the wise traditions of our historic faiths should be subverted by powerful secular interests to justify defending any one community at any price. Such manipulation can never be for the common good or the wider peace. Political and military power, disconnected from the lively spiritual God-centred peace at the heart of our three religions, offers no prospect of healing or justice for anyone.

Yet our three faiths are also the means by which these precious gifts may be offered to Palestine/Israel - and to the wider world. If Islam, Judaism and Christianity fail in this, our faiths will be roundly condemned and rightly consigned to the dustbin of history.

You can read his full reflection here.