Thursday, 29 January 2009

New blogs on the block

My colleague Hans Uli Gerber has started a new blog which made me smile with pleasure when I first saw it today. It's called upside down heaven and says:
This is about the beauty of messiness, the joy of complications, and the peace of non-conclusiveness. When things are upside-down there is hope for them to get better. This is also about how heaven and life are part of each other and about how heaven is so close, yet can't be possessed.

Those who know me know that I am a messy person so I like the idea of the beauty of messiness. I also wonder whether maybe the beauty of messiness could be linked to "messy church" which is a movement promoting informal more messy forms of church.
Hans Uli coordinates the WCC's Decade to Overcome Violence and his first post on the new blog is all about growing up speaking German in a French speaking part of Switzerland, about language and identity.

There's a link from ideas of messiness to Sarah Hall's new blog "Pieced Together Praise" which she started after the women in ministries meeting in Windermere. Sarah also has a link to Switzerland where she studied theology for a while - despite being British she also speaks fluent German and French. It's because of Sarah's blog that I've discovered the word "craftivism" - although I realise that this has been my approach to ministry and life for quite a while. Anyway craftivism seems to link in to all sorts of wierd and wonderful wacky types out there - including groups of radical knitters. I think I'm going to enjoy learning more about this.
In her most recent post Sarah has written about Jean Parker's exhbition Good Grief which was on in Sheffield recently. That's art rather than messiness but if any emotion is messy then grief is.
Anyway I think it's time not just for messy church but for messy theology. Any takers?

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janetlees said...

Yes, this messy stuff sounds like fun. Don't forget the bread breaker blog by St Mark's wythenshawe (link on the WIM blog). I visited St Mark's yesterday and they are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary. The whole place is really alive with the Tree of Life project going on weekdays: furniture, clothes and stuff. I got two lovely sheep (not real ones!). The soup was great and the company stimulating. They do messy church once a month - the next is a pancake celebration.