Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Kennings for remembering the Bible

The first session of the Women in Ministry meeting I'm attending in Windermere was led by my friend Janet Lees and encouraged us to use "kennings" to remember the Bible. She handed out some gospel kennings to us and encouraged us to talk about the gospel story they maybe helped us remember.
It was fun and the kennigs she'd prepared beforehand were very powerful - the two I got given were "tear shedder" and "tomb quitter".
The conversation about how comfortable we feel about rememebring was also helpful an interesting - do we need to be able to remember the Bible perfectly or is it ok when telling the remembered story to tell it in the same way that you might tell any other story - "Oh you know what's his name was there too..."

We talked about how each of have a rememebered Bible within us and then filled in some wonderful Bible fish with our remembered Bibles. More and some picutres soon.