Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Caravaggio and Salley Vickers for the remembered Bible

Ok so I'm still cheating by reposting some of what I'm writing at the women in ministries blog back here. Sorry about that some normal blogging service will be resumed sometime soon. At the moment my two main challenges are typing on a UK keyboard again and using the projector screen as the computer screen. A bit of a problem if I forget to put on my glasses! Anyway we are proud to announce the first comments at women in ministries so please continue supporting us.
One of the books we listened to extracts from on Tuesday morning was Salley Vickers' The Other side of You which has some fascinating scenes where one of the characters is confronted at differnt points in the book with the two very different paintings of the Road to Emmaus that the artist Caravaggio painted at the beginning and end of his life respectively. So now maybe you can guess which is which - I think all of us will be wanting to buy Salley Vickers' book now. (And just a note to all you editors Salley is spelt with an e in this case - from willow in Irish - click on the links to her website to find out more.)