Monday, 19 January 2009

Blessed are the cheesemakers

Sorry but I just couldn't resist writing this title when I got this from ENI:

Roman Catholic monks in Bosnia-Herzegovina have resumed production of a world-famous cheese almost two decades after they were forced to stop by the Balkans war.
"Our numbers fell and we were forced to cut back - and in 1996, we stopped making it completely when the last brother who knew the recipe died," explained Zvonko Topic, one of two surviving Trappist monks at the Marija Zvijezda, or Mary Star, monastery near Banja Luka. "But we've now decided to bring it back to consumers here, and we'll be opening a small shop soon for tourists and visitors." "This cheese is full-fat and hard - its taste will certainly be recognised by genuine gourmets," said the monk, whose order's 170 monasteries worldwide practice prayer, penance and silence, and are also noted for their beer and ale," Brother Topic told Ecumenical News International in a telephone interview.