Thursday, 19 June 2008

Fete de la musique à Ferney Voltaire

One of the brilliant things about France in June is the Fête de la musique, it's an amazing happening taking place across the whole country and going on all night. Not much sleep is had on the third Friday and Saturday of June. It was instituted in 1982 by Jack Lang, François Mittérand's ministre de la culture. It was so successful that neighbouring countries soon copied it - so it's a big thing in Geneva too and the poster here is from Lausanne.
Anyway if you fancy going to a free concert this weekend here's the programme for Saturday in Ferney Voltaire, centre of the known universe. I have to admit to being quite happy to no longer be living in the manse for the fête de la musique, the open stage just opposite would not always attract the best quality acts - and at 3.00am when you're trying to sleep nothing sounds so great as to warant the disturbance. (Oh dear I do sound sad old and boring don't I!)
Next weekend we have the fête à Voltaire with music and theatre but more of that later.

Une fête de la musique aux couleurs du monde!

-10h-12h, statue du patriarche: animation sur le marché par Gilles Greggio(violon)

-10h30, cour de la maison Fusier: concert des orchestres à cordes du conservatoire sous la direction de Jean Marc Binet

-12h,maison Fusier: concert de la classe de saxophone du conservatoire sous la direction de Véronique Couturier

12h-13h30, Grand'rue: EJD Orchestra(latin jazz, ensemble de 12 musiciens)

-17h-18h, Temple, choeur norvégien de Genève


-18h-18h30:chant choral de l'Ecole Florian

-18h30-19h30:Juan Ignatio Serrano (guitare solo Argentine)

-19h30-20h30: Milkmash (reggae)

-20h30-21h30:Walks on fire(rock)

-21h30-22h30: majong (ska)

-22h30-23h30, Grand'rue: Mariana Correia (fado)

Place de la Comédie

-19h-20h30: Sinti Swing (jazz manouche)

-20h30-21h30: Philippe Ekeke (musique du monde)

-21h30-22h30: Coconut's Business (raga)

-22h30-23h30 :Purple eyes (funk)

-23h30-0h30:Crappy Stuff (rock alternatif)