Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Words, sounds and distant rumblings of the kingdom

I heard sounds of the kingdom at lunchtime in the chapel. Like Elijah's "still small voice of calm" this was not a great noise, it was the gentle but persistent sound of names being written on paper with a marker pen. It was the sound of peoples knees clicking as they knelt to write.
Persistence, humility, remembering so as to prepare a better future.
And I thought of these words by Clement Attlee which strangely I first came across in French
"Aux moments décisifs de l’histoire, les mots sont des actes." ~ At decisive moments in history, words are also acts.
(interestingly I cannot find the original English!)

So I hoped that our words, songs and prayers were also acts. And I thank God that those words of Britain's first Labour prime minister were translated into French and came to my mind today, offering me hope that it is in some way all worthwhile and meaningful.
Blessed are those who draft statements and write press releases and scribble names and translate quotes and graffiti prayers - these too are signs of the kingdom.