Monday, 23 June 2008

Zimbabwe and the wisdom of Solomon

Today and yesterday listening to Morgan Tsvangirai withdrawing the MDC from the elections I've been thinking of the biblical story of Solomon's wisdom.
In the story two women fight over the possession of a baby. Which one was the parent? Drawing his sword, Solomon threatened to cut the baby in two, with half going to each woman. The true mother quickly foreswore the child, and the wise Solomon gave the baby to her.
I can see that Tsvangirai has sought to make what he feels is the right decision for the country. Listening to so many reports today, speaking with Zimbabwean colleagues at work I have got some sense of why this was the only option given the ever-rising tide of violence. The frustration and pain are palpable. The courage of those travelling back to Zimbabwe later this week is humbling.
What can, what will the international so-called "community" do?
Are we really so helpless?
There is news of Eric Matinenga here. It is both heartening and deeply disturbing. There is news of one atrocity here.
Meanwhile Mugabe seems to believe only God can remove him. Perhaps prayer is the only answer ...