Thursday, 26 June 2008

Is paracetamol a sign of the Kingdom?

Three times a week I inject a horribly expensive drug called interferon b. When I first started taking it the cost of the drug was a lot more than my then monthly salary. Since then the cost of the drug has come down - and my monthly salary has also increased. However, I have never had to pay for my drugs because I live in a country with excellent access to care and medicines and I have good insurance.
The drug keeps me well and the paracetamol keeps me sane by calming the side effects of the interferon b (crazy raving flu-like symptoms at about 3am). Simple pain and fever relief. Often in the mornings I have paracetemol to thanks for a relatively good night's sleep. I give thanks to God for that and for the privilege of access to good medical care. I know (sort of) that I am worth it. But I believe passionately that all God's children should have equal access to the care and treatment they need. So I give thanks also for the work of the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network in all it tries to do for God's kingdom.