Sunday, 22 June 2008

Signs of the kingdom - music and dissonance

A day of music and sunshine all around for the fête de la musique in Ferney Voltaire.
Sorting through papers from my past and throwing forests of paper away, I've been wondering about belonging and identity.
Somehow "belonging" is a sign of the kingdom, feeling totally part of things helps me glimpse some of the values of true community. But watching a programme about the history of modern Britain, I realised that despite glimpsing the wonderful harmony of belonging often in my everyday life, I also live with dissonance or disconnect. Somehow I think that this disconnect is also a sign of the kingdom, a way into understanding that God is both wholely involved and completely other, requiring that I live life fully but not throw away my critical faculties. Our cultures are to be celebrated and enjoyed but also to be transformed, perhaps living between different cultures I need to be more aware of these paradoxical signs of the kingdom. So on the fête de la musique I've been thinking about discord as well as harmony - both can be gifts from God, both require discernment.