Friday, 27 June 2008

La nuit des veilleurs - praying for victims of torture and human rights abuses

The night of 28-29 June is "la nuit des veilleurs" for ACAT groups in France. ACAT is Christian Action Against Torture and the prayer vigil takes place each year on the Saturday following June 26th, which was the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.
Christians of all confessions are invited to pray throughout the night "Pour une nuit où la prière se fait cri et louange, accompagne les actions et les relaie jusqu'au coeur de Dieu" - For a night on which the cry and praise of prayer becomes one with action, bringing them before God. In Ferney Voltaire tomorrow evening my colleague Guillermo Kerber from Uruguay will speak on Prayer and Human Rights before we begin the prayer vigil proper.
In a moment of complete unreality I signed up for the hours between midnight and 2am - that was before I realised how tired I'd feel after travelling by train to and from the UK in 48 hours!
Anyway wherever you are please take some time to remember and pray for prisoners of conscience and victims of torture.