Thursday, 12 June 2008

Intercessions for Zimbabwe

Here's a link to the ENI article on the arrests of Christian activists in Harare. Those arrested were released late on Tuesday evening but were then to appear in court.

Meanwhile, the Mennonite World Conference has issued this prayer of intercession for the Zimbabwe elections, encouragimg people around the world to fast and pray on June 26 and 27:
- that God will intervene in a visible way to end the violence and suffering that have afflicted Zimbabwe;
- that the churches of Zimbabwe will be signs of God’s love and justice in the midst of this struggle;
- that those who have been intimidated will be able to exercise their right to vote without further threat;
- that election monitors will be permitted to play a credible role to assure integrity and lack of violence at polling stations;
- that the government in power will allow honest results to be reported;
- that, whatever the election results, the government in power will agree to come to the table with opposition political leaders, military and security forces, and church and civil society organizations to map out a workable path for the future of the country
- that African and United Nations leaders will play a strong and clear role in pressing for the above outcomes.

The Mennonite World Conference is a communion (Koinonia) of Anabaptist-related churches linked to one another in a worldwide community of faith for fellowship, worship, service, and witness.