Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The international community must intervene to stop the violence.

You can read ENI's story on the call by the general secretary of Zimbabwe's Student Christian Movement Prosper Munatsi for more international peace monitors in Zimbabwe.

STOP PRESS you can find a link here to a further interview with Prosper and a recording of part of the interview.

You can also find the link here to the call by the WCC and WSCF for greater international efforts to resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe and for "urgent attention to the humanitarian needs of the people of Zimbabwe, their freedom to exercise religion, the destabilization of the political situation and the need to end human rights abuses".
And this from the ENI story:
"The people of Zimbabwe have tried everything in their power democratically and peaceably in a non-violent way, and they have exhausted all the channels," said Munatsi, who was in Geneva to brief the World Student Christian Federation, of which the SCMZ is a part. "We believe the international community must intervene to stop this violence and madness, and the war that has been waged against the innocent and defenceless people of Zimbabwe," added Munatsi, whom Zimbabwean police detained earlier in June, when they raided the Ecumenical Centre in Harare, which houses the offices of the SCMZ and other church groups.
Photo of Prosper Munatsi WCC/Juan Michel