Friday, 13 February 2009

Audio downloads on the global financial crisis

My colleague Juan Michel has done a series of great short podcasts on economic issues which you can download here.
The first few are in English, then there's one in Portuñol and the last two in French. They offer some global perspectives and voices on trade, money and finance from the World Social Forum in Belem. Happy listening.
Martin Gück (Kairos Europe, Germany) Reforming the monetary and stock markets as crucial steps towards a radical transformation of the international financial system.
Percy Makombe (Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa, South Africa) The trade aspect of the financial crisis, its effects on Southern African countries and what to do about it.
Wilfried Steen (Church Development Service, Germany) How to improve tax systems - many of which are completely rotten - both at national and international levels by putting them under United Nations supervision.
Rogate Mshana (World Council of Churches, Switzerland) How to make sure that alternative proposals to the current, failing international financial system become mainstream and are taken seriously by the powers that be.
Marcos Arruda (Policy Alternatives for the Southern Cone, Brazil) Banking and loan services should be provided by public institutions in a financial system serving a new model of human development.
Bertille Darragon (Environmental activist, France) The elimination of interest rates and decrease of production and consumption of goods as radical proposals for addressing the financial and environmental crises.
Marta Ruiz (European Network on Debt and Development, Belgium) Eight priorities for a global mobilization of civil society in favour of a new international financial system.