Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Cyber Psalm symposium for pseud's corner

The irrespressible David Ker has been tagging me again with a challenge to write an abstruse abstract for a symposium set in nearly a 1,000 years time: So what I’d like to do is put out a call for papers at a virtual academic conference to be held on February 29, 3008 in celebration of the 1,000 year anniversary of this cyber-psalm.
We'll see, surely I can write ununderstandable jargon along with the rest of them?
The inspiration for this is David's bizarre but inspired Cyber Psalm 26 of which there is now also a great recording.
Cyber-Symbology in the early-21st Century: Recursive Orality and Cotexting through Cyber-Psalm 26
So here goes:
Title: "An enrooted ecumenical cultural vernacular of Psalmody and the meaning of numbers:From Viktor Borge's phonectic punctuation and inflationary numbers to Dr Who's vortex of time TARDIS as the utlimate cosmic number. Selah. The answer is 42."

From the unknowing cloud of knowing the cybermen's song may still be heard. No counterpoint. Mere fragments of symbol. No tune. Phonetics from an eerie outdated ipod in something referred to as language. All is relative, a dimension somewhere in space. A word inviolate leading to inflated meaning, a Zarathustra moment. This paper will not exist but intimations of its substance may be captured on the ether dumdidum dumdidum dumdidum aahaaaagh Cyber selah 42.


SarahH said...

It's psalmody, Jim, but not as we know it...

Jane said...

Exactly but as David is American I think he'll get Star Trek references but probably won't have heard of a Tardis!