Sunday, 8 February 2009


On my first morning in Rome I woke remembering a dream and its atmosphere quite clearly. I don't remember dreams very often. Normally I hear more about Dr B's vivid active dreams than I ever recall of my own.
In my dream Dr B and I together kept trying to avoid a rather tedious and boring woman. For the most part we managed quite well but as is the way with dreams the person you're trying to avoid keeps turning up. She seemed familiar but in the dream I never recognised her.
After waking up though I realised that the boring person I'm trying to avoid was quite probably myself!

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janetlees said...

So you've been dreaming too! I'm sure there must be loads of blogs out there about dreams, the weather, etc. Also suggestion that we do WIM in Rome - would make a nice change. I got the blog link working again - well not me Bob of course.