Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Off to feminist theology

I'm about to go off to tonight's feminist theology session which I'm looking forwards to. We're in the middle of our "Dieu est Belle" series and as I've not been able to attend the last two sessions it will be good to get back into it. We're having one or two problems keeping our wordpress theolfem blog up to date - mainly that means me, I've just not had time to train the other person how to do this. Anyway we use the blog mainly to try and build up an archive of what we've done over the past 5 years and it's quite impressive. Gradually we hope as this year moves on to add audio files so you can download the sessions onto your MP3 players - you just know you want to learn French this way. We're also already planning next year's sessions.
In idle moments I dream of trying to make the blog into some kind of portal of Bible studies and theology by women in languages other than English but probably this will have to wait until I am retired, and as I'm already failing to keep up with what I'm supposed to be doing on this one perhaps I should just get on with reality rather than dream of grandeur! My execrable French typing is also rather trying for folk - just how many ways will I manage to spell "prochaine".

Meanwhile, as I prepare for this evening session with Laurence Mottier, a Genevan pasteure who coordinate the disabled people's chaplaincy, I've also been reading my friend Janet's blog - she's holed up in snow which seems to give her time to write poetry, snug in a blanket of icy white cotton wool:

Here’s to women
Here’s to women, wonderful women:
warm women, cold women,
working women, creative women,
wild women, wistful women,
watchful women, mindful women.

Here’s to women, wonderful women:
reminding me who I am,
encouraging me how to be,
waiting alongside of me,
bringing love to birth in me.

Here’s to women, wonderful women,
both known and unknown.
As the world turns
may we turn to each other
and affirm what we discover there.


janetlees said...

Hoping to dig ourselves out today!
I always thought hibernation was a good idea.

Jane said...

:) Stephen believes in hibernation too - will be taking the night train to Rome tonight.
btw he loved the creme eggs!