Monday, 9 February 2009

Septuagint translated into German

This comes from today's ENI:
A German translation of the ancient Greek version of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, has been presented jointly in Berlin by representatives of Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, concluding 10 years of cooperation.
"Such a project is a good and visible sign that ecumenical work with and on the Holy Scriptures can succeed," Bishop Joachim Wanke, the chairperson of the Pastoral Commission of the German (Catholic) Bishops' Conference said at the presentation of the book on 28 January.
The Septuagint is said to have been translated in ancient Alexandria somewhere between the 3rd and 1st century BC by 70 (Septuagint) translators in 709 days in 70 separate hermitages. It is the oldest of several translations into Greek, which was then the lingua franca of the Mediterranean. The Septuagint is seen as having unique insights regarding the textual transmission of the Old Testament.
More than 80 translators were involved in the German version including Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians, who consulted with Jewish scholars on questions of translation and interpretation. The result was a collective effort uniting Christians and Jews.

:: Septuaginta Deutsch. Das griechische Alte Testament in deutscher Übersetzung. Published and edited by Martin Karrer und Wolfgang Kraus in co-operation with other experts. ISBN 978-3-438-05122-6, Price: 59.00 euro. Published by the Verlag der Deutschen Bibelgesellschaft Stuttgart.