Saturday, 28 February 2009

More blogging to my life

I've been teaching KT today and have finally given in and set up a blog in French to see whther this is a useful way of keeping in touch between our monthly sessions. It's called un sens à ta vie and you can find it here. Please do not expect very regular updates there, I'm finding it rather difficult to keep up with all of my various blogging activities. I'm struggling a bit with the femtheol word press blog because I don't update it often enough (naughty me) for it to be intuitive yet. My dreadful typing is of course even worse in French which doesn't help.
Anyway perhaps I am finding meaning in life by blogging - how sad is that!

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janetlees said...

I think your blogs are fab but i can also see that bloggin could take over life a bit if there were too many of them to get round. I've noticed that I now often start the day with a bit of bloggin as a new kind of regle. I can't type in French at all (as the last word in that sentence demonstrates) because I don't now how to do the things on the 'e's.