Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ideas on management, change and philosophy

As I try to do some desultory research for my diploma paper I have come across some brilliantly bizarrely titled essays and papers in the plendidly named "Tamara: Journal of Critical Postmodern Organization Science. The truly sad thing about these crazy article titles is that I find them fun, intriguing or even interesting. This is a sad case of me having become a study for Private Eye's pseud's corner ... anyway here are a couple for starters:
Knowledge Management or Management of Knowledge? Why People Interested in Knowledge Management Need to Consider Foucault and the Construct of Power.

Illness, Work and Organization: Postmodern Perspectives, Antenarratives and Chaos Narratives for the Reinstatement of Voice.

That second one almost sounds like something Janet should be using for a remembered Bible seminar.