Sunday, 8 February 2009

Doodling, drawing and finding a vision

Today was great fun as we started putting "graphic language" into practice by doing some more work on the PATH process. I was one of those doing the drawing this morning and it was quite a challenge to try and visually capture abstract terms like uniting or transformation and try and use the different coloured pens!
I can already tell that I am just going to have to try and get hold of David Sibbert's Fundamentals of Graphic Language. You can read more about another group's experience with the method here and here.
We really like the fact that in the vision stage everyone can contribute and there is no hierarchy or prioritisation in the vision stage of this planning tool. Also for cultures which are more visually and orally orientated it is a great tool because the graphic you all work on together is the minutes of the meeting - no really need for someone to type up a report - it is also more easily memorable. I can see how useful it could be in community work for instance.
Anyway I hope to do a bit more of this and I've decided I really want to practise doing the star people because they are so much nicer and more expressive than the stick people I usually doodle. Thinking about leadership in this more playful way makes it less frightening and also frees up our creativity to envision things differently and also to face difficulties more strongly as we go forwards.