Friday, 13 February 2009

How to increase the number of comments on your blog

So after a year and a half of blogging I have now found the foolproof method for getting people to make comments on my blog - write about Apple Macs and suddenly everyone will start leaving comments. This is rather galling when you go to the effort of writing marginally more profound stuff about life, the world and general trivia. Then you discover that the whole world is only interested in converting you into being a Mac devotee, making you too into a worshipper of beautiful over-priced objects of desire produced by a multinational corporation.
The really sad thing is that one day soon I'll probably give in, silly not to really.

And for all you computer virgins out there Apple Macs are computers that have nothing to do with real apples like Cox's Orange Pippin, Worcester Permain, Laxton Superb, Bramley or even Lord Derby.


J. K. Gayle said...

Here's a comment (and may yours here be fruitful and multiply):

What? Apple Macs are not the marginally profound stuff about life? Oh dear (and in the words of the late great Larry Norman), "We left it, oh, so long ago, the Garden."

Jane said...

J.K. How very splendid to hear from you - I do SO miss both of your blogs. I'm doing a Bible study tomorrow on Babel and will use some of Suzanne's reflections.
By the way I must admit that I do have an iPod shuffle - but it only has old BBC radio 4 programmes on it and occasional things from RAdio Suisse Romande.
Now about Apples - or should that be fruit and gardens, isn't that to go back to Adam and Eve??

Gustavo Bonato said...

People love polemic topics. Plus, they love to comment silly stuff!