Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Globethics library

By the time this goes online I shall be sitting on a train to Bremen after a 5am start.
As I write this we have just come back from a very interesting evening eating and talking with Christoph Stückelberger who is director of and lives part time in Ferney and part time in Zürich. Globethics have recently set up a very interesting global virtual library - you can find out more here and also sign up for the service. I think it is a really interesting approach to the access to information and scholarship issue. It was good to know that there are people not only having alternative ideas about publishing but also putting them into practise. Sometimes small hard-working organisations like this find it easier to put creative ideas to the test.
One of their most recent publications is "Overcoming Fundamentalism" which Christoph edited together with Heidi Hadsell and will soon be available to download.