Friday, 6 February 2009

Looking back at life

Hat tip to Prodigal Kiwis for the following which is an interesting Ignatian development along the lines of Marcel Proust's famous questionnaire, though quite a bit shorter, less literary and more clearly religious and Christian in focus. Martin Luther is said to have said "even if I knew the world was going to end tomorrow I would still plant an apple tree today", even if we know life is over this is not a reason to stop the process of reflection and reevaluation that drives our spirituality and action forwards.

The questions were adapted by
Wilkie Au from a reflection proposed by Anthony de Mello S.J. “Imagine,” he says, “that you are going to die today. You want to spend some time to write down for your friends a sort of testament for which the points that follow could serve as chapter titles”:
1. These things I have loved in life
Things I tasted,
Looked at,
2. These experiences I have cherished:
3. These ideas have brought me liberation:
4. These beliefs I have outgrown:
5. These convictions and values I have lived for:
6. These things I have lived for:
7. These risks I took:
8. These sufferings have seasoned me:
9. These influences have shaped my life (person’s, occupations, books, events):
10. These scripture texts have lit my path:
11. These things I regret about my life:
12. These are my life’s accomplishments:
13. These persons are enshrined in my heart:
14. These are my unfulfilled desires: