Monday, 7 January 2008

Christmas Day or Epiphany

For those following the Julian calendar today is Christmas day. Over lunch with an Orthodox colleague from Georgia and a Lutheran colleague from Ethiopia I discovered that Ethiopian Lutherans also celebrate Christmas day on January 7th. I wonder now whether that is also the case for Baptists or otehr Protestants in majority Orthodox countries. Up until lunchtime today I would probably have said that only Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas at this time - just shows how ignorant this professional ecumenist can be!
Meanwhile for those of us following the Gregorian calendar and the Western lectionary we are now at the feast of Epiphany. My two Anglican colleagues Colin Williams and Michael Wallace celebrated the eucharist and led worship, and I preached. The chapel had been carefully prepared and there was a strong but discreet odour of incense for epiphany. Afterwards we drank orange juice ate galette and some lovely home made cake.
It was good to preach in English again after a period of abstinence and I enjoyed writing the sermon which you can read here.