Thursday, 10 January 2008

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity on Facebook

I had a fascinating day earlier this week doing some liaison interpretting for a French journalist visiting the ecumenical centre. She was from La Croix, a Catholic French daily paper, the paper is writing features about the way the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will be marked a number of cities in Europe including Moscow, Prague and Geneva. As is often the case when interpretting I learnt a great deal about what my colleagues do.
I learnt that my colleagues Natalie Maxson and Roger Schmidt, together with others from the WSCF and World YWCA and YMCA, have not only called for more youth involvement in the week of prayer for Christian unity, but they're also using facebook to encourage young people to get more involved in doing things during the week of prayer for Christian unity. They've got quite a number of young people signing up and are encouraging them to meet with other Christians for Bible study, prayer, social action or worship during the week of prayer and then to share experiences and ideas on facebook.
As for me, I'm still paddling in the shallows where facebook is concerned, at least it will give me something to talk about with the young people at KT tomorrow.