Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Time spent at the temple of capitalism

We have been visiting one of the local cathedrals to capitalism to buy some crémant for a party to celebrate Stephen's doctorate this weekend. It was like a parable of why not to go to the hypermarket - it lures you into travelling ten times further than you normally do along horrible roads, with the idea that there will be more choice and things will be a bit a bit cheaper. Actually of course what you want isn't there and you buy stuff you don't want and waste time looking at inordinate amounts of crud.
And of course tonight the price on the fully computerised price displays is completely different from what comes up at the checkout. So then you have to queue again to get them to give you money back they have stolen from you - and this takes forever and means they steal even more of your precious time and even accuse you of trying to pull a fast one. Aghhh ... A classic exercise in the pointlessness of modern life. The only advantage is that it will make going to work in the morning quite a pleasant prospect.