Friday, 11 January 2008

More light shed on Epiphany

My colleague Dr Manoj Kurian was inspired after reading my epiphany sermon to write some reflections of his own which I've posted in the documents. He begins his reflections by looking at the meaning of the words Darsana and Mgoshi in Sanskrit, he then moves on at the end to look at the tragedy caused by the Magi looking for salvation in the wrong place.
Meanwhile Pope Benedict XVI also preached a very good epiphany sermon which you can look at here. The sermon was preached at St Peter's and the next day the Pope took up the theme of the Magi once more in an address to the diplomatic corps.
The sermon makes an interesting link between Babel and Epiphany, which despite being a linguist I had not thought about before.
Epiphany, the season of light as gradually our northern hemisphere days begin to get lighter and longer. We all need the courage of the Magi to overcome the darkness.