Thursday, 17 January 2008

Does baptism make you a Christian for life?

On the news I saw a report from Rome about the ex-communicated Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. It would be fair to say that his views are hardly orthodox and I suspect the book he's launching in Rome - Confessions of an ex-communicated Archbishop - is a great money-making opportunity. In his defence of his own right to remain both Archbishop and priest he said something that I disagreed with even more than all the rest - ordination meant that he was a priest for life in the same way, he claimed, as baptism makes you a Christian for life.
Does baptism make you a Christian for life? I couldn't help but think of the Roman Catholic priest I worked with in Annecy who had spent several decades working in Rwanda. At an ecumenical meeting looking at both the positive and negative role of churches in situations of violence, he said that he felt that there had been a problem with churches concentrating on baptising people rather than on bearing witness to and teaching the gospel of respect for other human beings.
So is it baptism that makes you a Christian? Does being a Christian make you a better person?
Responses to those questions another time I think.


imonmedication said...
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imonmedication said...

Quite simply no it doesnt. I as a baptised christian left the faith long ago, this does not make me a better or worse perdon. A religion should be based on beleifs and actions if you choose to follow th ways of your faith and beleive in them that is what makes you part of a certian religion not an act which you may not remember, or may regret doing.