Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Today's the day

Stephen took the Eurostar to Britain yesterday. He will be having a few tense hours this afternoon at the department of German studies at the University of Reading defending his PhD. He's already spotted typos, so there will be corrections. Nearly there I hope ... But I probably shouldn't say that, he gets superstitious about such things. Fingers crossed. Good luck!
There's another interesting post from Tom Heneghan which seems appropriate, all about the retirement of the pastor of the Nikolaikirche in Leipzig.
So if you want to know something about the "Transformation of Dissatisfaction into Dissent: The Conciliar Process for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation in the German Democratic Republic", I know Stephen would be very happy to enlighten you.
(And of course a University of Reading sounds very appropriate but it's pronounced redding and is quite a big place between London and Oxford.)

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Simon Barrow said...

I'll look forward to seeing it at some point. Hope all goes well today. I'm sure it will. Very best wishes to Stephen when you next see/speak to him.