Monday, 28 January 2008

Continuing to pray and act for Kenya

Several of my colleagues leave tomorrow for Nairobi. As I think about their journey to learn from and show solidarity with the peoples and churches at this terrible time for Kenya, I feel concern for the well-being of those we know. Yet as we pray tomorrow for their visit, we pray also for the many thousands whose lives have already been marked by tragedy, fear and violence.
Is it illusory to still hope that people in Kenya will be able to step back from the brink of ever-sprialling violence? This is the eighth year of the WCC's decade to overcome violence, sometimes I feel as if whenever we manage to take a step forwards the situation in the world forces us to take several back again. Tonight I hear on the BBC news that even Kofi Annan is concerned it may not be possible to find a way back from the current escaltion of violence.
As we wait and hope and pray and despair, people are fleeing and dying.