Thursday, 3 January 2008

Consequences and quizes...

This time last week we were sitting down to a game of consequences with our families, it was gentle fun and also noisily hilarious at points. Our youngest nephew Edwin currently has a very scatalogical sense of humour. One story line involved me meeting Tony Blair in a faeces-infested sewer - I won't tell you what the consquence of that was!
This evening as part of my surfing I came across this quiz thanks to Tom Allen's splendid big bulky Anglican blog (just his reading list is an education). If you click on the link you can take the quiz too and it will tell you which theologian you score as. Special note for feminist theologians, there is not a single woman theologian on this quiz, so no chance to come out as a Dorothee Sölle, Julian of Norwich, Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza or France Quéré. Sigh ... one day. Anyway if you can cope with the non-inclusive language it's quite fun.
Unsurprisingly the two Reformed theologians in this household came out as Jürgen Moltmanns. Mr B at 73% and me at 67%. My other scores may indicate that I'm not a theologian at all - I didn't get above 47% for anyone else. Where Mr B's 67% Schleiermacher came from is still a puzzle. Nevermind, holidays are made for such desultory pleasures, even if there were too many quesitons involving hell for my liking. I suppose I really ought to make up my own quiz and add some women to the list!