Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Keep music live on New Year's day

We treated ourselves to some culture at the German congregation's new year concert yesterday evening. It was a wonderful, surprising and educating mix of Gershwin, Brahms, Schoenberg, Grapelli and Bach - among others - on piano, violin and guitar. Karsten David Schmitte was the violinist - he and the young guitarist did some wonderful jazz improvisations and he's quite a showman. The wonderfully talented Luise Askani played piano, she's also one of the organists at the church here in Ferney (and the mother of six young children). At the concert we discovered she's also a specialist of 20th century piano music. Getting to know her and her husband Hans Christophe Askani has been one of the pleasures of 2007. Her choice of music and wonderful playing on New Year's day certainly meant that my musical horizons were broadened early in 2008.
First new year's resolution, we must get out more.